From a very young age, I had a different perception of art. Art wasn't only on ​paintings and museums, art was lines, colors, patterns. Art was bubbles, words, and blobs. Anything my eyes could see and my hands could touch had a style, identity, and beauty.

My mother is a graphic designer that gifted me with creativity. I saw potential in enhancing all that caught my eye. i developed a passion for creating images that reshaped our mundane world. By adding a touch of uniqueness, I helped people gaze with their heart along with their eyes.

My art has evolved from simple illustrations to T-shirts, graphics, tattoos, and social media content. As the Social Media/Graphic Designer Associate for Tripod Marketing I created unique marketing content that inspired curiosity, shared knowledge, and pleased the eye. 

This is just the beginning for me as an artist and designer. I know my art is bound for bigger things. Welcome to my world and stay tuned for what's to come. 

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